By the way you guys have a really good site, especially the careers section
Ryan, University of Waikato

Thanks for the great site
Suzan, University of Otago

I have just come across your site - what a great site! I have come across many of these types of U.S. based sites, but none in New Zealand, so its great to have this added resource.
Stacey, University of Canterbury

Love what you're doing with the site
Charlie, University of Auckland

The law summaries are very good tool for those students who are weak in English and lack of exposure in law studies.
David, University of Waikato

i'm so happy you provide excellent summaries; thank you so much for providing this service
Mitzi, University of Canterbury

First, can I thank you for having the initiative to set up a great web site...
Kim, University of Otago

Just writing to tell you that I have sold my 2nd hand property textbook listed on your site. Thanks for providing such a great service - I look forward to using it again! Cheers.
PaoYi, University of Canterbury

Great site! i think its a really good thing you're doing this, and your summaries actually make sense, and are succinct summaries, not just rewriting the text book.
Kristie :)  University of Auckland

Brilliant site and a great support especially for mature aged students and new students.
Natalie, Victoria University of Wellington

[T]he summaries were fantastic, they really were of great benefit in addition to my own notes so thank you very much.
Mitch, University of Auckland

Thank you very much for your help. it's good to know that you can empathise with current law students like me.
Ramon, University of Canterbury

Fantastic site guys! I hope it stays up for the duration of my studies!
Matt, University of Otago

Firstly, thank you for providing such a useful and informative service as has proven to be.
Matt, University of Waikato

I reckon u guys have got a kickass service, i'll be a regular....and i'll let my friends know about it...

Shams (1st year struggler), University of Wellington

And yes the summaries were an excellent addition to my exam prep last year. Thanks guys.
Emma, University of Canterbury

Hi guys. My Admin. summary is great (shame about the course!)
Debroah, University of Auckland

I went into the lawskool site and must tell you that it is really excellent in terms of content, useability...just what I and all the others need to be able to hang on in our law course...Thanks a lot. I look forward to finding a tutor/study group.
Iris, University of Wellington

[T]hanks very much....What a wonderful service.
Moira, Universtiy of Otago

hi, just writing to say a huge thankyou for sending me the example case note. its going to be of great help in showing me how to set it all out. i'll have to let you know how it goes!
Lucy, Victoria University of Wellington

This will definitely be a GREAT help with the studies this semester.
Vika, University of Auckland