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Lawskool is New Zealand's number one provider of up-to-date law study notes. All of our law notes are of the highest quality, contain current law and are an invaluable resource for students, no matter which New Zealand law school you are in.

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We offer a range of products for over 30 different law subjects, to allow students to excel in each of their courses.

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Lawskool NZ has been operating for over 15 years and provides up-to-date, high quality law study notes. Don't be fooled by imitation websites selling out of date second hand notes. Our products are an invaluable resource to assist students preparing for upcoming exams. All of our products are written by high achieving law students and are regularly reviewed by qualified lawyers.

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Welcome to and if you are looking for law notes, student law notes, law study notes and law study guides, then you have come to the best website possible for all of your study needs. We have been providing New Zealand law students with high quality up to date study notes. We are constantly updating the website with new law subjects each year. It does not matter which university you attend we have invaluable resources at your fingertips, just a click of a mouse away. Lawskool exam notes are written by top law students and reviewed by practicing legal professionals for your peace of mind.
Our site has an extensive array of over 15 different law subjects that are constantly updated and contain up to date relevant information for your course. What can be better than ready prepared exam and study notes so that you can keep up to date with your lectures and achieve the grades that you deserve. Since 2002 we have been delivering invaluable resources for NZ students who are preparing for upcoming exams and we are a company that you can trust, just check out our testimonials. We have the following products available for you today, law summaries, model exams, mind maps, case notes, free model exam answers, case note, research assignment and legal career info.
When studying law you need to know that a company supplying study notes and guides is reliable and trustworthy, with us at, we provide law notes that you can trust! When you are studying for a law exam you need study notes that are accurate and up to date. Do not rely on third party notes that contain out of date information that could cost you dearly in an exam. At Lawskool we strive to bring you the best information possible at a reasonable price. We guarantee that our law notes are an invaluable resource to assist you with your studies. All Lawskool notes are covered by our “Lawskool Satisfaction Guarantee”. If you do not believe that our law notes are an invaluable resource to assist you with your studies, Lawskool will provide you with complimentary summary of your choice.
We have over 50 study guides for you to purchase from our site. Whether you are in high school or university we will have the perfect study guide for you, we have summaries, model exams, mind maps, case notes and two packages available for each subject with either summary, model exam and case notes for package A and summary, model exam, mind map and case notes for package B.
The following undergraduate law notes are available: Company Law, Contract Law, Criminal Law, Equity and the Law of Succession, Evidence Law, Family Law, International Law, Land Law, Legal Method / Reasoning and Writing, Legal Systems / Law and Society, Legal Theory / Jurisprudence, Medical Law, Public Law, Tort Law.
With our study notes you will always be prepared for your exams and if you put in the required effort, you will obtain better grades that will ultimately lead to better job prospects. Our website has a wealth of information for you to find a job placement on our Careers guide page whether you are looking for a job placement for a summer clerkship or full time employment in private practice, a barrister, corporate law, community legal centre or legal aid, policy work, alternative dispute resolution, legal publishing, teaching, law librarian or finally a legal researcher. We have links to some of the best law firms in New Zealand on our Lawskool careers page.
We hope that you find this website useful for your legal studies.


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